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Add another bank account

Posted by: BV

Posted date: 2010-Jun-26

I had a requirement once to have an additional bank account for payment processing and made the changes in the existing bank.php as Adam suggested to clone in the forum and was using it some time back.

Since the same requirement is there for many other users , Have uploaded this module, feel free to download and use it.

I installed and enabled it with no error message to pop up in 3.6.0 and 3.6.1.

Hope it should be fine.

Item Details
Download Title Add another bank account
Headline Add another bank for payment
Latest Version 1.0
Release Date 2010-Jun-26
Price (Credits) free!
Classification Downloads -> Payment Mods
Requires Version 3.6.0 or higher
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Support Details
Author / Publisher BV
Home Page
Contact Email joomdev(at)hotmail.co.uk