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Security Tools

Posted by: Jamit Software LTD

Posted date: 2010-Oct-19

There has been an alarming increase in the number of websites infected with malware.
Your computer can be infected in seconds just by visiting a malware infected site -
even if you have the latest anti-virus and upgrades installed. It can happen on any
computer, Widnows, Mac, Linux, etc.

A site infected with malware is then used to infect your site's visitors.
Once the malware is present on a desktop machine, it is able to steal FTP†
passwords / login details and use these details to gain unauthorized access†
to infect more sites.

This plugin scans your job board installation, and attempts
to hunt down the infections based on a few common signatures that we found
from analyzing a number of infected sites. The plugin scans PHP files
to find any unusual PHP code, and it is also able to scan some of the job†
board's directories to hunt for files out of place.

Be aware, the scanner may report some false-positives.


To unstall, upload the SecurityTools folder to the include/plugins/ directory

Make sure that the plugin files are all in the SecurityTools sub-directory
inside include/plugins/ directory for the plugin to work.

Then go to The Admin section to enable your plugn. Make sure to save
changes when configuring the plugin for the first time.

Reload your Admin page. A new 'Security Tools' link will appear on the Admin menu.
You can perform the scan from there.



A forum discussion topic was started here


What to do if your site gets hacked?

Here is what to do:

- Install the 'Security Tools' plugin and
run a scan. The plugin will report any suspicious files found on the system.
Note down the date of the reported files - if they are not from the job board
delete them immediatelly. You can also send the files to us for analysis

- Change your FTP passwords and other passwords immediately - it may be
possible that the hackers got through your system by stealing your FTP
password with a key logger or network sniffer. Only use a trusted computer
when accessing your site, and it is best to use SFTP which is FTP under a
secure connection, (FTP through SSH)

- Run a virus scan on your computer. Make sure your virus scanner is
up-to-date and that your firewall is properly configured.

- Ensure that all your software installed on your computer is up-to-date. Some
(0-day) viruses and malware can still infect your computer even though you
have the latest virus scan. Keeping your software up-to-date decreases the

- If not already, upgrade your job board to the latest version.


- Added 1 new pattern
- Added new patterns to the white-list
- Improved function name scanner
- Ability to schedule a scan on Cron and email the result
- Added 1 new pattern
- Added 1 new pattern
- Added 3 new patterns
- First release

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Release Date 2010-Oct-19
Price (Credits) free!
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Requires Version 3.0.0 or higher
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