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Info Pages

Posted by: Jamit Software LTD

Posted date: 2010-Nov-06

Description: Adds a simple yet powerful CMS to the Jamit Job Board.
New pages can be created using a WYSIWYG editor, and are placed in to a
dynamically generated menu.
Absolute links can also be placed in to the menu, and there are 4 menu types:
Tabbed, JavaScript, Plain or Listed. Pages & Links are stored in the database
and the pages are generated dynamically. Includes Mod_rewrite features and
dynamic META tags. NEW: Added a Contact Form featue

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Note: Info Pages 2.5+ is for Jamit Job Board 3.6.x or higher. Please use
InfoPages 1.9 if you have 3.5 or lower.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -- - -------


- Fixed a bug with switching the language while editing a page
- Save Page: validation of the file name to make sure it's unique
- Fixed a bug which with the javascript menu giving an error under
certain conditions
- Support for JBMenuMarkup.php template (since 3.6.5)
- menu styles can be customized by taking a copy of the CSS files
- bug fixes to hooks
- menu initialized through jquery
- support for CK Editor in Jamit 3.6.6
- Added support for multiple menus
- Control the employer's and Candidate's menu from Admin
- Pages with hidden links (links do not show on the menu)
- Added support for new cache features in JJB 3.6
- Added a 'Contact Form' feature complete with CAPTCHA. To add a
contact form, add a new page as normal, and use the tag
- Corrected some problems with displaying sub-menu items for the
js menu & tabbed menu
- Added new hook config options
- Fixed the 'Meta Description' field when editing pages, plus
other slight improvements
- Added menus for candidates & employers login/signup pages
- Fixed tabbed sub-menus, added jb_escape_html() when echoing labels
- Corrected .htaccess instructions for mod_rewrite
- Corrected some anomalies in the Admin (links reported as pages &
changing a menu item to be a button)
- Removed warning message when there are 0 menu items
- Fixed bug when saving config via the Plugins screen in the Admin
- First release, released 28-Jul-2007
Item Details
Download Title Info Pages
Headline Added support for multiple menus, Pages with hidden links
Latest Version 2.8
Release Date 2010-Nov-06
Price (Credits) 2
Classification Downloads -> Plugins
Requires Version 3.6.0 or higher
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